Wedding photography tips for Singaporeans

You may think that it’s weird – why are these wedding photography tips directed at Singaporeans only? Can’t the tips apply to every nationalities? Well, the truth is that these tips are tailored to Singaporeans because there are some factors and things that are uniquely Singapore. You may have seen a lot of great wedding photographs around; many wedding studios like Grandeur Wedding Studio will post great wedding photographs on their websites. – These are all results of great planning and execution by the wedding photographers and the couples.

Here are three tips that Singapore wedding photographers will remind their customers.

Firstly, a month before the wedding photo shoot, start to have consistent adequate rest. Get more beauty sleep. Resting your bodies will keep you in tip-top condition. You will look great. Many Singaporeans are workaholics. Singaporeans work one of the highest number of hours in Asia, not to mention the world. While work is important, your day of wedding photo shoot is also as important. Leave some time for yourself. You will regret looking so bad in the photographs next time if you choose to prioritize your work over your wedding photo shoot.

Secondly, get some sunblock. Having wedding photo shoots under the hot sun for long hours will expose you to a lot of UV rays. Let’s not talk about the long term implications of this, and just focus on what damages it can do to your wedding photographs. You may get sunburn easily if you did not put on adequate sunblock on your face. If you get a sunburn in the midst of your wedding photo shoot, you will pray that the wedding photographer let you postpone the wedding photo shoot. They may not be able to do it if their schedules ahead are fully packed. You do not want to have your wedding photographs taken while you are having sunburn. The photographs will look bad.

Thirdly, carry an handkerchief or tissues around with you. With Singapore so hot and humid, you will definitely sweat if you have prolonged hours under the hot sun. You do not want to look drenched in your sweat in your wedding photos.

Apart from these tips tailored to Singaporeans, you can watch this video below for some general wedding photography tips.

Various platforms to go when researching about potential wedding photographers

You want to research and gather a list of good wedding photographers whom you may potentially work with. It’s a smart move. It’s always best to consider all your options before you make a decision. This is called making an informed decision. There are a lot of wedding studios in Singapore – Grandeur Wedding Singapore, 36 Frames Singapore, Dream Wedding, and Ray Gan Photography. You may have heard of them, but you also want to know if they are really good so that you can put them into your list of potential wedding photographers to work with.

Here are some platforms you can go to research about potential wedding photographers:

Wedding forums

Inside wedding forums like “Singapore Brides” and wedding forum, you can see a large number of threads related to wedding photographers in Singapore. Some of these threads are created by the wedding studios and wedding photographers themselves to advertise their own wedding photography services. Others are created by genuine customers who have engaged the photographers’ services in the past to leave reviews on the photographers. You will need to know how to distinguish between the two. Generally, if you see the thread starter with few post counts and no display picture, it could be a sign of a fake account used by the wedding studios and wedding photographers. Moreover, if the reviews are too good to be true, they probably are. Having said these, you can compare various reviews about the wedding studios and wedding photographers to see what the mass market thinks about them. You will be able to know about their reputation and if they are truly that reliable in the market.

Search Engines

Search engines are good tools to find out the wedding studios’ and photographers’ websites. You will be able to learn about those photographers who have a website in Singapore and discover about their services. The portfolio shown on their website can be a good indication of their skills.

Wedding Blogs

There are also some professional wedding blogs in Singapore. These wedding blogs are set up to advertise reputable photographers. If there are many complaints pointing to bad recommendation by the blog, it will go down sooner or later. The wedding blogs will not risk that. Hence, you can be quite sure that these wedding blogs promote reputable wedding photographers in Singapore.

I recommend you visiting all the 3 platforms mentioned above. Out of them, going to the wedding forums will be the top in my list. I always verify the reputation of vendors against their past customers as it will have the least chance to contain any bias.

Criteria to consider when you are hiring a wedding photographer in Singapore

wedding photographer

For immensely important events like wedding photo shoots, we naturally want the best people to serve us. We want the best results we could ever get in the market for our bucks. However, how do you determine if one photographer is better than the other? Do you know how to compare photographers? Will you be able to make the right decision to hire the best wedding photographer for your wedding photo shoot?

If you want to do it right, here are some three criteria you should consider to select the best wedding photographer in Singapore:

1. Nationality of the wedding photographer

Please get yourself a local photographer. Besides the cultural similarities, a Singapore wedding photographer will know the place around Singapore better than any foreigners. Hence, a local wedding photographer will be able to provide better advice on the best places to have wedding photo shoots at according to your requirements. You may find some foreign wedding photographers talented and skillful, but if they don’t know Singapore well, they will not be able to recommend good places to take pictures in Singapore. Skills are important, so are the backgrounds.

2. Attention to details

A good wedding photographer should be attentive to details. If he is attentive to details, he will probably be able to fulfill all your requirements. Moreover, he will also be able to take some really interesting and creative shots focusing on tiny details. For instance, the details on the bride’s wedding gowns. He can take some pictures focusing on them, bringing more variety of styles and look into the wedding album.

3. Friendly

We all assume that all wedding photographers are friendly. Well, that may not be true. Some wedding photographers only care about their skills and not on their interpersonal interaction skills. If the photographer is not friendly and you don’t feel comfortable around him, you will not be able to do your best during the photo shoots. You may even feel awkward striking the poses when he is around. The solution is to simply find a friendly photographer whom you can feel relaxed and comfortable with.

Wedding photography is a niche industry in Singapore

Unlike in foreign countries, wedding photography is a small and niche industry in Singapore. There are only that few professional wedding photographers in Singapore. Every wedding photographer Singapore know each other in the industry. In this post, we explore what caused this phenomenon.

Let’s analyze this using the top-down approach.

On the broad national scale, not much efforts have been concentrated into cultivating people’s love and interests in Arts, especially into photography. I do not know of any photography classes in Singapore that train people to become a professional wedding photographer. If you look around in foreign countries, there are such classes available. Moreover, there are also frequent wedding photography competition overseas. You can see a stark contrast in culture between foreign countries and Singapore. A lot of efforts are concentrated into training its workforce to fill up key industries such as logistics and finance. Singapore is well known worldwide as a key financial and trading hub in Asia.

Next, let’s look at things from the people’s perspectives. As promoted and encouraged by the general society, majority of the people in Singapore will take up jobs in the finance, law, manufacturing, food and beverage, and logistics sectors. These industries offer a stable prospect and income. The route to becoming a wedding photographer is uncertain and rarely published. Singaporeans, in general, do not like to take risks and paths in these stable industries will guarantee them progressive income in order to maintain their standard of living in Singapore.

Few people dare to aim to become a professional wedding photographer because of financial and feasibility reasons. They are unsure how much a wedding photographer is able to earn. Moreover, they do not know how to train to become a good photographer who is good enough to take wedding photographs for others. These are huge hurdles that people need to clear before they become a wedding photographer in Singapore. These people will need to have a strong passion in photography and the ability to take risks. Only when you believe that you will eventually be good enough to take wedding photographs for others and you have a strong desire to become a wedding photographer, your dream of becoming a wedding photographer will come true. It all boils down to three key factors – passion, attitude, desire.

If you really desire to become a professional wedding photographer in Singapore, you can make the process easier by finding yourself a good mentor. With a good mentor, you will make fewer mistakes and gain more knowledge within the same amount of time.

Good luck!

Life As A Wedding Photographer In Singapore

Some of you might be wanting to explore a career as a wedding photographer in Singapore. Below, I shall seek to share some unique insights into how being a wedding photographer in Singapore really is. There are two types of professional wedding photographers in Singapore, the first of which would be those working for themselves as sole proprietors of their businesses, while the other would be working for a Singapore studio.

In this post, I shall seek to share with you how being a professional photographer is like working at a studio in Singapore.

Working at a studio in Singapore, you would of course be getting either a fixed pay or commission instead of needing to get sales yourself. You would simply be either stationed with an indoor studio or simply be asked to take outdoor wedding photographs for couples. Either way, you would not be required to get sales, which is the case if you were to work for yourself. When you work at a studio in Singapore, even on a commission, contractor basis, you’re essentially still working for somebody else. Therefore, you won’t have to work for sales. This is great news for photographers who hate the business aspect of running a studio.

Most of the times, you would be required to work on a weekend if you take mainly actual day wedding photography. This is because couples would usually hold their weddings on a weekend so that most of their family and friends would be able to make it as well. If they had held it on a weekday, then they would not find it very feasible to invite all of the people they would like to attend their wedding.

If you were to choose pre-wedding photography as the main type of service you want to provide on behalf of your studio, then you might be working mainly on the weekdays. This is because most couples will take off time to have their prewedding photoshoot on a weekday in Singapore where there are fewer people and tourists at wedding photography hot spots in Singapore.

One thing you may notice as a first time wedding photographer is that some couples may feel shy being intimate in front of you. You will learn how to make the subjects (e.g. the couple) relax and be natural. Then they’ll let out really blissful looking smiles and laughter while having the photoshoot. When you get to that point, you’ll really enjoy wedding photography because you get to feel the love in the air as well.

Actual Day Wedding

I think one of the most beautiful things when it comes to a marriage is the actual day of a wedding. This is because it is often one of the most memorable moments other than the honeymoon.

Check out the above video of a couple’s actual day wedding ceremony and events. I think it’s always interesting to watch the proceedings of an actual day wedding ceremony, because each couple’s events and guests are always different and full of unique personalities. Even though the general proceedings such as the groom picking up the bride from her parents’ house e.t.c. is usually the same, the different personalities of the bride, groom and guests make each and every single wedding I have been to as well as watched videos of online look so vastly different from each other.

There are a few particular events on the actual wedding day which will always make the day unique and special, and one of them would be the part where the bride is waiting eagerly for the husband to arrive. I like this particular scene because it shows the eagerness and hope of a bride looking forward to a happy life together with her prince charming. At this point, the excitement would also be written all over the groom’s face. I simply love these beautiful and crucial moments.

There is another scene when the bride and groom meets for the first time on the actual wedding day itself, and the groom will unveil the bride’s veil at the bride’s parents’ house. Something so simple but symbolic is what I really love, what do you think?

Of course, every actual day wedding will end off with a grand dinner banquet, or at least an intimate and awesome dinner party event. Regardless of the number of guests present, it always feel like a really grand event due to the significance that a wedding holds in the couple’s lives. That is why I simply love this dinner banquet, as it signifies the grand closing of the actual wedding day as well as the grand opening of the couple’s official marriage life.

Being a wedding photographer, I’m very pleased to have many opportunities to take these precious moments for so many couples throughout my life. I’m very glad to have provided much happiness through the photographs I’ve taken alongside my fellow photographers colleagues. Wedding photography and AD photography in particular is clearly one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world!

Selecting your wedding gown to go for your photo shoot in Singapore

In Singapore, before the pre wedding photo shoots, brides are expected to choose and put on their beautiful gowns while the grooms are expected to dress smartly in their suits and ties. This is a western customary that Singaporeans adopted from the western countries. It is quite rare to see a couple not dressed in gowns for the ladies and suits and ties for the guys during their wedding photo shoot.

For the brides, selection of wedding gown can be a really difficult task. There is an immense pressure put onto the brides as they desire to choose the best looking gowns for themselves. All of them want to look beautiful naturally. Whether you want to rent wedding gowns or purchase the wedding gowns, you will have to make a trip down to a wedding bridal studio. Going to a wedding bridal studio, brides can choose from thousands of different gowns. There will definitely be a gown that catches the brides’ attention. It is common for brides to spend the entire afternoon at the bridal studio trying out different gowns.

There will be a gown specialist there to guide the brides on the selection of the wedding gowns. These gown specialists are professionally trained with a keen eye for details. They will be able to advise on the correct gown for the brides based on a variety of factors, such as size of the brides, height of the brides, and the natural body posture of the brides. Of course, the brides will have the final call as they are the customers. However, most brides listen to the advice of the gown specialists.

These days, witnessing the boom of the existing E-Commerce websites’ sales, many new businesses are setting up new E-Commerce websites. In fact, there is this trend of increasing E-Commerce websites in the market. Penetrating into the wedding industry, there are also E-Commerce websites that sells gowns. You can now buy wedding gown online. On entering these E-Commerce websites, you will be able to see pictures of many different wedding gowns. There are also size measurement charts present so that you can make estimations and choose the right size for the wedding gown. Prices will be much cheaper than the wedding gowns you see inside the wedding studios. Essentially, you will be trading risk that the size of the gown will not be right for you for the lower price.

Whether you want to browse the wedding gowns physically inside the wedding studio or to shop for them online is entirely up to you. Be sure to choose the wedding gown that you absolutely like. It will be the most beautiful piece of clothing you will wear in your life!

Couple Wedding Photography Ideas In Singapore?

Are you looking for inspiration for your wedding photos in Singapore? It seems that Singapore only has the same looking buildings everywhere and that there is nowhere nice for bridal photography. However, there are many hidden places in Singapore, that many couples do not know of, which are actually great places as a backdrop for a wedding photo shoot. I shall share some of the best places and ideas with you.

1. Pulau Ubin

Although this may be slightly troublesome for brides with a really long gown, Pulau Ubin, an island off Singapore, is really unique and has a truly rustic feel for wedding photographs. You would usually need to travel to Malaysia or Indonesia for such scenery, but Pulau Ubin offers the same too.

2. Tuas

Better known to be an industrial area, Tuas offers a tremendously beautiful backdrop for couples who love the vast outdoors.

tuas wedding photograph

Doesn’t that look amazing? I really don’t think you can find such vast pieces of land in Singapore which is unblocked by any buildings anywhere else other than Tuas. It is truly the best places for couples who love to take such wedding photographs without having to leave or fly to another country outside of SG. If your plan was originally to travel to France countryside for such photographs, you no longer have to spend $2000 to $3000 well travelling to and fro and paying for the photographer’s tickets as well. Just a $30 taxi ride will get you to Tuas.

3. Hort Park

One of the hot favorites among couples who have done their research for locations in Singapore for their wedding photo shoot, Hort Park is truly an astounding place for bridal photography.

Every couple who knows about Hort Park will definitely go there to have their photos taken. Looking so serene and gorgeous, Hort Park is like the supermodel version of parks in Singapore. Any experienced wedding photographer in Singapore will definitely recommend you Hort Park.

If you want more ideas and location inspiration for your wedding photographs, then definitely work with good photography studios in SG as they would be able to easily recommend you many more beautiful places. You can check out if you need a recommendation from us.